Adventure Dreamers was born in 2018 from the love for the outdoors sports and the dream of creating an entrepreneurial project related to adventure activities.
The basic idea has always been to be able to live through our passions and at the same time share them with others.
In AD We offer high quality service thanks to all the professionalism, empathy and teaching ability of our guides.
We believe that a bond must be created between guides and clients that goes beyond simple accompaniment. Precisely for this reason, the activity you will find on Adventure Dreamers are different from the others and will give you the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and make friendships that will last a lifetime.



Graduated in Pedagogy, I approached the mountains and outdoor sports because I believe there can be no more formative experiences than in this relationship: nature-sport.
A relationship with multiple facets and opportunities, if lived with awareness and gradually.
It is in these multiple opportunities that my role in Adventure Dreamers plays out, helping people, and coordinating the various professional figures involved, to find their AD Adventure.
Ready to live your Adventure with us?!



Sea, mountains and start-ups.

Passionate about outdoor and digital projects at 360 degrees. What’s better than turning a passion into a job?
Having started from 0 and then having contributed to giving birth to a passion for the outdoors in thousands of people who participated in our events is the thing that fills me most with satisfaction.



Live life as an adventure and share happiness with others.
An idea through which I am realizing myself, above all thanks to the mountains, where I mainly practice climbing and skiing.
Event design often comes from my desire to explore and feel strong emotions. Each adventure has been tried and tested first hand.